To consult Insee’s documentary resources

The Insee library is opened to all those wishing to consult its collections, in the reading room located in the Head Office building.

Dernière mise à jour le :17/12/2018

You may consult:

  • rich and ancient collections in statistics, demography, economy and social sciences;
  • French official statistical system’s publications;
  • foreign statistical collections thanks to a longstanding tradition of international exchanges. This is one of the most important source in Europe of statistical documents.

The heritage character of these collections comes from their historic range (statistical series over long time periods, from the beginning of 19th century) and the rarity of some documents, difficult to find in France and also in Europe (the population censuses of United States at the late 19th century, for example). The oldest document was published in 1720 and some other documents contains statistical graphs (age pyramids, for example) hand-drawn and hand-coloured.

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